Brain Health Support Kit
Brain Health Support Kit

Brain Health Support Kit

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Quality, organic effective nutrition in liquid vitamins and minerals. Because you deserve a chance to be healthy. 

You get one chance at life and one vehicle to travel through it. Your health directly effects how you feel including your moods, memory, energy levels, sleep and neurological functioning.

Neurological, digestive and metabolic support for extremely sensitive individuals

  • Designed to support the health of the most sensitive individuals.
  • Extremely bioavailable nutrient forms for optimal absorption.
  • Special-diet friendly - GF/CF, SCD and Feingold
  • Herb-free - Great for herb-sensitive individuals.
  • Designed for extremely sensitive individuals - low in phenols, hypoallergenic, no fillers, colors, flavorings or artificial sweeteners

The brain is the control center of your body. Brain health directly effects how you feel including your moods, memory, energy levels, sleep and all other neurological functioning.

From the earliest medical practices like Chinese and Ayurveda medicine to Hippocrates, the father of western medicine it is taught that overall health is connected to your gut health. Recent medical research has proven the importance of nutrition as it relates to the Gut-Brain axis which is like a superhighway system that connects the gut to the brain.

It is now believed that poor gut health could contribute to depression, anxiety, overall bad health, insulin resistance, diabetes, Alzheimer's and other neurological impairments. It is based on this medical research that our products focus on gut absorption and target the gut-brain axis for maximum health benefits. 

Our Brain Health Vitamins and Minerals are in liquid form to ensure and increase the absorption percentage from a mere 20% in most capsules to a resounding 80+% absorption rate.

What's the good in spending money on products that end up in your toilet?

The Brain Health Support Kit includes both the Vitamins (part A) and Minerals (part B) formulas, as well as Keys2Eatings Gut-Brain Axis probiotic support. This complete system supports total body and gut health.

Gut health is the foundation of all health and without a healthy gut biome you do not properly absorb the nutrients in the foods you eat. A healthy gut is also imperative to brain health. Your brain and neurological system are directly affected by the nutrients you take in.

If you are not getting an adequate amount of nutrients, or not properly absorbing the nutrition you eat, your brain health suffers.

When deprived of the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals your focus, attention, memory, moods, hormones, and total brain health are compromised.

It is for this reason that we include the Vitamins, Minerals, and Probiotics in the Brain Health Support Kit.

The Brain Health Support Kit is a key element in the Keys2Eating Complete Concussion Protocol and Brain Health Program.

.........Because you deserve to be healthy!

All of our products are certified organic, free of binders and fillers and provide effective nutrients for optimal health and weight management. 

The Total Brain Health Support formula is just that, a cutting edge dietary support formula with a complete panel of vitamins and minerals for neurological, metabolic and digestive support.

  • Designed to provide an optimal blend of minerals and vitamins.
  • Less-intense form of vitamin B6, great starting formula for many sensitive individuals.
  • Ultra-Colloidal suspension for optimal absorption
  • Separate Vitamins and Minerals, for great potency and flexibility.
  • Available with or without natural flavoring.
  • Gluten, casein and allergen-free.

Brain Health Vitamin Support Formula is a specifically formulated liquid multivitamin designed to provide nutritional support for neurological health. The vitamins and minerals panel can aid the brain in recovery after concussions or TBI's, add assistance in the fight against Alzheimer's and Dementia, help balance neurotransmitters and neurological functioning in  children and adults with ADHD, ADD, anxiety, depression and other neurological disorders. The formula contains a less-active form of vitamin B6, to avoid agitation for those who do better on this form.

Brain Health Vitamin Support Formula  provides extra nutritional support for the neurological and metabolic systems, in a very easy-to-absorb liquid form. It has a broad nutrient profile of vitamins, minerals, accessory nutrients, and herbs created to support metabolic function. Moreover, the nutrients and herbs also support digestion, digestive tract integrity, blood sugar regulation, detoxification, immune function, vascular integrity and circulation, as well as cerebral oxygenation and neurological function.



A 16 oz bottle of liquid supplements in an easy to dose liquid suspension. The supplements can be flavored with natural flavor extracts and low-glycemic index vegetable glycerine. They are available in Lemon Lime and unflavored (but still sweetened).

The Vitamins and Minerals are designed to be mixed together and given 1 or 2 times a day, with meals, either in juice or other beverage, or alone with a glass of water afterward.


The Minerals used as "Part B" of the Support vitamin formulas are chemically bound to five Krebs cycle intermediaries (fumarate, citrate, malatesuccinate and alphaketoglutarate) utilized to enhance cellular energy production. Minerals bound to Krebs intermediaries are far better absorbed, utilized, and tolerated than minerals bound to sulfate, oxide, carbonate, or chloride.  Supplementation of copper and iron should be based on individual need, working with a medical practitioner.


The nutrients in these supplements are broken down into extremely small particles in a gentle, technologically advanced liquid suspension formula which is readily absorbed in the digestive tract and better utilized throughout the body than conventional powders, capsules, tablets or standard liquid solutions.

Our formulas are distinctive for what is left OUT as well as INWe have never used added sugar, artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or sodium benzoate preservative in our supplements and we never will.



The reason behind our Gut-Brain Axis Probiotic Supplement. What is the Gut-Brain Axis or "Super Highway"?

We have all heard the cliché a "Gut Feeling" about something. There is some scientific and biological truth to that statement.

You are probably aware that what you think about or focus on can stress you out at times. It is also probably no surprise that stress affects the body negatively. However, what you might not know is that your brain health and brain patterns have an impact on your gut health and vice versa. There is a super-highway like signaling of messaging that happens via the gut-brain axis that influences gut health and brain health keeping them inter-connected.

Changes in a person's mental state, like feeling scared or nervous, can lead to immediate problems in the gut. Do you remember ever having to do a big presentation or take a major test and experience heartburn or diarrhea as a result? That's the brain and the gut in communication along what it commonly referred to as “the gut brain superhighway."

Your gut uses the vagus nerve like a walkie-talkie to tell your brain how you're feeling via electric impulses called "action potentials." Your gut feelings are very real.

Events that the mind views as stressors causes the brain to send signals to the gut. That is why when someone is nervous or anxious they can have an upset stomach. If you have an unhealthy gut, a symptom can also be anxiousness causing a cyclical effect.

Researchers have also uncovered connections between intestinal bacteria and anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, ADD, autism, and Alzheimer’s disease, among others. Research suggests this link is due to intestinal bacteria's ability to make small molecules, called metabolites, that can reach the brain and impact how it works.

***Healthy Gut = Happy Mood

***95% of serotonin production begins in the gut

The Vagus nerve is the longest cranial nerve with the widest distribution of any nerve in the body and it connects the intestinal tract with the brain. 90% of all the signals passing along this nerve are traveling from the gut to the brain, not from the brain downward

In eastern medicine the gut has been the focus of health for thousands of years. In western medicine, they have begun to make the connection between the food we eat and our overall health.

  • Maintain Healthy Weight - If you want to lose excess fat and maintain proper weight, one of the keys is to make your body as efficient as possible when it comes to extracting energy from the foods you eat.
  • Make Your Body's Digestive Process More Efficient - All food is not created equal, and all types of food are not equivalent in nutrition. To make it even more difficult, all food does not have the same response on all digestive tracts. Probiotics are very beneficial in helping to establish gut health and aid in digestion.
  • Elevated and stabilized moods - 95% of serotonin production begins in the gut
  • Mental Clarity – The quality of the neurons in your brain are directly related to nutrition.

Since life begins in the gut, it is fair to imply, so does death. Inflammation is the precursor to all disease, and whether or not the body gets the nutrition it needs depends on the guts ability to absorb and function properly.

Over time, once there is damage to the gut ailments like leaky gut syndrome and irritable bowel syndrome can develop.

Once these diseases set in a domino effect is created further sabotaging any chance of overall health and wellness.

By incorporating Keys2Eaing's Gut-Brain Axis Probiotic into your daily nutritional plan you will introduce a panel of beneficial bacteria into your gut increasing the ratio of good bacteria helping you to achieve and maintain gut health.

All of our products are certified organic, free of binders and fillers and provide effective nutrients for optimal health and weight management.

Our Keys2Eating products are manufactured right here in the USA. We adhere to the highest manufacturing standards, guaranteeing exceptional product purity and freshness levels. Our quality level exceeds the FDA's good manufacturing (gmp) standard, and our manufactures use only non-toxic materials and hypoallergenic ingredients in the facility and storage of these very special supplements.

The Keys2Eating products set a new standard of purity
and freshness for liquid supplements with “Premium Quality” standards.